Boipelo Motlhowa - ITC Project Manager

ITC Confirmed Rumisha as a speaker for the 12th Annual Women in Mining and Career Expo which ran February 2021. She became one of our top rated speakers. Rumisha is an absolute professional and a trailblazing leader. It was such an honour to meet her virtually. Her accolades and work over the years speak for her with regards to the giant that she is in the Mining Industry. For me, what screams volumes about Rumisha, is her gentle and encouraging spirit as well as her passion for women development. Her ability to go above and beyond to offer assistance is what I find most admirable about her.

Topics I Discuss



The foundation of a good performance is being aligned with employees strengths. Great leaders give honest feedback without losing trust.Learn how to build rapport and  develop excellent communication skills to inspire employees to achieve above and beyond their potential.

r potentional.



Having a clear Purpose is key to achieving career success. Gain clarity and focus on the goals that will vastly change your life.



Business Strategy and technical Niches are my Top 3 priorities in Personal development. No matter what industry you in it is a continuous learning you will leverage throughout your career. I share 4 simple strategies to help you navigate seamlessly.



Do you want to be a more effective leader? Learn new leadership tools and build your confidence to breakthrough any limitations. Leverage your influential skills to inspire and empower others.


Self Improvement

Are you ready to leave the chaos of 2020 behind? It is vital more than ever to take massive action. Our lives have changed in suddenly and we need to adapt our careers more strategically.  


Self Awareness

Emotional intelligence is key in career advancement. Master of your emotions. Tap into courage, strength, passion and build confidence in the face of challenges.



Confidence is a muscle we build over time. Leverage the skills to believe, achieve and step into as a leader.


Life Skills

Physical activity is the one common success principle majority of the worlds Top Leaders leverage. Renew your energy, improve your psychology and reach your career goals.

Main Services


Public Speaking

I speak to organisations extensively on the following topics:


-Mega Trends


-Competitive Financial Value of women lead Companies.

-Talent `& Retention of women

-How men & women can lead together?

-My journey into “Macho” world?


Leadership Conferences

Did you know women out perform men on Key Leadership Capabilities? Let me help you leverage your super Powers.


Women Career Master Class

80% of what we do is Psychology. Career Mastery is key to unfold a Career Map which unlocks your full potential.



My passion lies in serving others. Coaching is an opportunity to leverage your strengths to navigate through an immediate challenge. 50% of candidates coached were promoted within 12 months.